Kelowna International Airport

Travel Tips

Jet Lag

If you are travelling a long distance and want to minimize jet lag; Cause is lack of oxygen in the pressurized cabin and this is what causes the dehydration. Start two weeks prior to travel drinking additional water. This build up will help. Avoid heavy meals and gassy foods prior to travel. Exercise during the flight by getting up and walking if possible. Continue to drink water all throughout the flight. When you arrive in destination try to adhere to the local time schedule for meals and bedtime.

Oregano oil

A traveler's best friend. Stop at your local health food store and pick up a bottle. The list of uses is extensive from colds and flu, Skin conditions such as sunburn, fungus, bites along with several digestive conditions and infections. A small bottle that packs a big punch.

Credit Cards & Bank Accounts

Prior to departure, be sure to advise your credit card companies and financial institutions that you will be travelling to ensure your accounts do not suspend when they detect your cards or accounts are active overseas or an inordinate distances from usual.

Bed Bugs

Okay this is one thing you want to avoid.. They are about the size of an apple seed. When you arrive in destination have a look at the room. Look for tiny black flecks or dots. If you find them request a change of room or hotel. When you arrive home leave your luggage outside then bring it in directly to the wash if you are concerned you may have brought a few of these home with you in your luggage.

Avoid DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis

If possible get a seat with additional legroom. If that is not available request an aisle seat so you can get up and stretch and walk a bit.


With the airlines charging on excess weight it is important to take care with your luggage selection.
Points to consider:

Packing Hint - Bundle Packing

Bundle wrapping will help eliminate those unwanted creases and folds. The larger items are on the outside of the bundle. Use a core object in the middle to wrap the clothing around. It could be a pouch that has your socks, underwear, bathing suit etc in it. Lay the items flat on the bed, largest on the bottom and work inword with putting the pouch in the middle to wrap the clothes around. More wrinkle prone items should be on the outside of the bundle.

WorldWide Airport Information

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Travel Regulations

Ensure you have all the pertinent information required to make your flight as comfortable as possible. The websites listed below can help you answer many of these questions.
What can I bring on the plane? Health information, Travel Advisories, Required travel documentation.