Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to check in for the flight as early as the airlines suggest?

Yes , you must allow enough time to also clear security. The lineups can be long and it can take a while. The flights will depart without you if are caught in the security line up and not at the gate. A lot of the airlines close the gates 30 min - 45 min prior to departure so it is best to play it safe and go early.

Where can I park my vehicle ?

YLW has Short Term, daily and Long Term parking options available. 15 Minute pick up and drop off metered stalls along the front of the airport. Day parking available on the western face & long term lots capable of storing up to 2000 vehicles along the south side of the airport.

Is there a shuttle to pick me up at my home and return home at the end of the trip?

There are several Kelowna Shuttle options to the Kelowna Airport. The options vary as per the company.
View Airport Shuttle Options

What can I take on the plane?

Most Airlines allow a personal Item such as a purse and a carry on. Carry on restrictions are set by the specific airline you are travelling with. Go to the airlines website and refer to their rules and regulations. For more information will allow to to select and airline and review their baggage allowance. Baggage allowances can be very strict so be sure to follow the guidelines to ensure you do not pay additional fees.

Can I take food on the plane?

A lot of airlines offer very limited fare on the flights. It will vary with each airline and the length of the flight. Some airlines do offer food to purchase. After you clear security you can take liquid on board with you like a bottle of water. Snacks are a good idea as well especially if there are children or health concerns. Some countries upon arrival will not allow fruits and meats so be sure to consume then during the flight. Always a good excuse to take chocolate!

Do I need a passport to travel in Canada?

To travel in Canada a passport is not required. You need one piece of government issued identifications with photo showing name, date of birth and gender.
Two pieces of non-photo ID with matching names and one piece must also include the date of birth and gender.

Where can I get a Passport?

Kelowna now has a passport office located in the Capri Centre Mall. Click Here for more information and hours of operation. Call the passport office @: 1 800-567-6868.

Do I need a passport to go to Mexico?

Mexico is a popular destination out of Kelowna because of the non-stop flights offered based on the seasonality. Yes you must have a passport.

It is best to have your passport valid for 6 months past your return date as this is required by many countries.

Do I need shots or vaccinations to travel?

For the most accurate and up to date information refer to the Travel Clinic. or call: (250) 868-9797.

Do I need a Visa?

Several countries require visitor visas prior to entry into the country in addition to the passport.
Each country has different guidelines and forms. Wikipedia Visa requirements for Canadian citizens

There are companies that will aid you with visas for travel.
Visa Connection & Visa Services Canada

Can I take my phone?

If you would like to take your phone along for international travel be sure to contact your service provider to be advised of all the charges that may incur. There are ways you can turn the phone off but use the wi-fi and camera etc. Again it is best to contact your service provider. Also depending on the country you are travelling to you may need an adapter and a convertor.

What should I pack?

There is a suggested packing list available to download off the Kelowna Airport Site.

Can I take my curling iron with me?

Alot of countries have 220 instead of 110 which is what we have in Canada. Mexico does have 110 so you are good there. Other countries that have the 220 you must have an adapter and a convertor. The Adapter changes the plug and the converter changes the current. This is a two part system although there may be a single unit available depending on the country you are travelling. Be sure to check when you are purchasing. They can be purchased at places like Sears, Bay, Bags and All in Orchard Park Mall, London Drugs and Walmart.

What can I bring back into the country?

Duty Free Canada can provide full details and guidelines. Check to be aware of items that may require additional duties or taxes.
Between 24 - 48hrs you are allowed 200.00 worth of goods.
Over 48hrs - you are allowed 800.00 worth of goods.

Can I take my Pet?

Several airlines allows pets to travel. They all have specific requirements and fees. Please refer to each airline to find out what is required.

Should I let me bank and my credit card companies know I will be away?

With security so proficient you should advise both your bank and credit card companies if you will be away. If you do not they may stop use of the credit card or debit card for security reasons. Also suggested that you take copies of them in case of theft so you will know who to phone to cancel the cards.

Where do I find information on airports worldwide.

If you would like to find information on airports worldwide please go to

Be sure to arrive at the airport least 90 minutes prior if your flying local and up to
2 hours earlier for international flights. View more travel tips.