Beds and Breakfasts

Enjoy our wonderful Okanagan hospitality in one of the many Bed and Breakfast properties in the Kelowna area. Again there is a wide selection to choose from. Which one to pick may be a dilemma since there are so many wonderful options. Many are close to beaches, shopping or central to everything. Meet some wonderful people that open their homes to make sure your stay in our fabulous city is an enjoyable one. We greet our visitors with open arms and be ready to make some new friends.. Life is short so make the most of everyday.

Touch of English Bed and Breakfast

5 Alameda Court
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel 1-888-338-1054

$125 - $165

Lakeview Memories B & B

1284 timothy Place
West Kelowna BC
Tel (250) 769-1077

$220 - >

Gala View Bed & Breakfast

3575 Gala View Dr
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel 1-877-954-5858

$110 - $139

Bilodeau Bed and Breakfast

2581 Springfield Rd
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 762-8505

$89 - $139

Abbaes B&B

907 Sutherland Ave
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel 1-800-267-7047

$118 - $130

Ogopogo Bed and Breakfast

845 Manhattan Dr
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 762-7624

$185 - $300

Apple Blossom Bed & Breakfast

3582 Apple Way Blvd
West Kelowna BC
Tel 1-888-718-5064

$120 - $145

A View of the Lake B&B

1877 Horizon Drive
West Kelowna BC
Tel (250) 769-7854

$120 - $185

Cherry Tree B&B

601 Burne Ave
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 868-3107

$130 - $145

Clarance House Bed and Breakfast

839 Clarance Ave
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel 1-888-909-9917

$125 - $180

The Hopeless Romantic

735 Lone Pine Dr
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel 1-888-765-5006

$180 - $195
Reccomend a call to the innkeeper at least once to confirm topics such as Individual bathrooms, what is included in the breakfast, are children welcome, what payment options are accepted, handicap accessible.
The more you know the better the experience!