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Luggage Information - Delayed or Lost Baggage

With all the current baggage weight restrictions be sure your bags are not overweight. The airlines now charge for excess weight. Each airline has their own weight limitations. Be sure the check directly with the airline you are flying with to be sure to follow their guidelines. If you are travelling on several airlines be sure to check each one as one may allow more than another but you will be required to meet each airlines guidelines or you will be charged overage fees.

Tip #1 - Old Labels

Remove all old labels and luggage tags prior to your current flight.

Tip #2 - Lock your wheels

If you bag has wheels lock them if possible to prevent movement at check-in.

Tip #3 - List Contents

Suggested that you list the contents of your bags in case your bags go missing. This will make it much easier to make a baggage claim through your insurance if need be.

Tip #4 - Secure Loose Straps

Remove or secure all carrying straps so they do not get caught in the baggage belts. Pay close attention to backpacks.

Tip #5 - Locking your Luggage

If you lock your bag be aware the locks may be removed if they need to be searched.

Tip #6 - Packing

Pack your bag uniformly to allow the bags minimal movement.

Tip #7 - Inside Labels

Be sure to label all your bags.. It is also suggested to put a label on the inside of the bag in case the outer label goes missing.

Tip #8 - Weight Allowances.

Ensure your luggage is within weight restriction to avoid additional fees.
Weight allowance and excess baggage fees ~ Choose your airline & baggage option for more information.

Tip #9 - Lost Luggage

Lost or delayed luggage must be reported to the relevant airline upon arrival.
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Tip #10 - Travel Regulations

It is important that if you are travelling you be aware of all the current regulations.
Here are a few sites to review to ensure you have all pertinent information related to questions such as. What can I bring on the plane? Health information, Travel Advisories, Required travel documentation.

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