Okanagan Lake

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We like to think of Kelowna and our Okanagan Lake as a little piece of heaven. What is more beautiful than sitting by the lake in the evening enjoying a wonderful sunset off the water? What is better than frolicking in water on a hot sun filled day, or laying back on the beach reading a great book? Camping by the lake waking up to breakfast while the sun comes up over the waters horizon. The peace and calm from a quiet summers evening or just a whole bunch of fun playing beach volleyball with all your friends and family.

We have many fabulous parks that offer barbeque sites, picnic areas, change rooms and snack facilities, boat launches that will allow you to spend the whole day with family and friends making new and wonderful memories to share. This is one of the things that the kids will remember as a special time - everyone loves the beach.

For those who love the water and want to participate in some of the various water sports you will find it all available. Parasailing, boat & jet ski rentals, water skiing, boogie boarding, tubing it’s all there just waiting for you to enjoy.

Beaches & Waterparks

Boyce Gyro Beach - 3400 Lakeshore Rd

Quite possible the most popular beach in the Okanagan. Gyro beach is located along Lakeshore Dr between downtown Kelowna and the Mission.

Facilities: 2 Volleyball courts, Playground, Picnic & Washroom facilities, Rental shops and snack venues.

Hot Sands Beach - 1600 Abbott St (City Park)

Downtown Kelowna ~ across from some of the hottest restaurants and shops in the Okanagan. Home of the iconic sails monument & Ogopogo lake monster statue.

Facilities: Volleyball courts, playground, skate park, children’s waterpark, washrooms, snack venues.

Kinsmen Park - 2600 Kinsmen Park

The perfect combination of sun and shade. Enjoy a picnic on the copious amounts of grass covered park or sunbath on the beautiful beach for a little extra heat.

Facilities: Tennis courts, Playground, Picnic tables & Washroom facilities.

Rotary Beach Park - 3726 Lakeshore Rd

Popular amongst Kelowna's wind & kite surfing crowds. Rotary beach is located on Lakeshore Rd just as your heading into the Okanagan Mission.

Facilities: Playgrounds, change rooms, Washrooms, picnic tables, great beach for wind surfing.

Strathcona Park - 2290 Abbott St

On the outskirts of the busy city located behind the Kelowna General Hospital. Large grassy areas with plenty of shaded areas to rest and relax.

Facilities: Picnic tables & areas, washrooms, children’s playground, designated swimming areas.

Sutherland Park - 700 Ellis St

Located at the base of Knox Mountain Park and comes equipped with a boat launch & tennis courts. Limited swimming due to poor water quality.

Facilities: Tennis courts, children’s playground, Picnic & Washroom facilities, large grassy areas.

Tugboat Bay Park - 1200 Water St

One of the nicest beachfronts in all of Kelowna. Amazing views & beautifully landscaped gardens wrap around Okanagan lake down to the city center with lots of fun to be had.

Facilities: Boat launch, scenic boardwalk, Picnic & Washroom facilities, Rental shops and snack venues.

Boat Launches

Queensway Boat Launch: 238 Queensway, Kelowna
Water Street Boat Launch: 1354 Water Street, Kelowna
Sutherland Park & Boat Launch: 700 Ellis st, Kelowna
Cedar Creek Park & Boat Launch: 5200 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna
Cook Road Boat Launch: 500 Cook Road beside the Eldorado Hotel

Boat Rental & Watersport services - Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Motosport Rentals

Valet Service
Call for appointment
Tel (250) 764-2203

Boat, Seadoo & equipment rentals.

Kelowna Marina

205 Queensway Ave
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel 1-877-601-8858

Boat, Seadoo & equipment rentals.

Lakefront Sports Centre

1310 Water St
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 862-2469

Boat, Seadoo & equipment rentals.

Dockside Marine Centre

2053 Campbell Rd
West Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 765-3995

Boat sales, part & Servicing.

Gerry’s Boat Rentals

210-347 Leon Ave
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 215-1311

Boat, Seadoo & equipment rentals.

Off the Grid Wake Sports

654 Cook rd # 409
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 870-4366

Tours & Lessons Driver & Toys.

Kelowna Jet Boat Adventures

210 Abbott St
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 300-5538

Guided jet boat tours of the Okanagan.

Kelowna House Boat Rentals

1295 St Paul St
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 862-6088

Okanagan lake house boat rentals.

Okanagan Water Sports

4205 Gellatly Rd
West Kelowna BC
Tel (250) 979-8789

Complete watersport rentals - West Kel.

Go With the Wind Sailboat Cruises

1414 Water St
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 763-5204

Sailboat cruises on Okanagan Lake.

Gyro Beach Family Watersports

Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) Telephone

Knee boards, paddle boards, kayak rentals.

Eldorado Marina

500 Cook rd
Kelowna BC Canada
Tel (250) 763-7500

Marina, fuel, boat & equipment rentals.
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